St. Peter’s Parish was officially established in 1899. Before that time, the area was considered a mission of nearby St. Joesph’s Ridge. A mission school operated in Middle Ridge for nearly 10 years before St. Peter’s Parish was established and continued to operate in the basement of the church until St. Peter’s School of Middle Ridge was built in 1908.

St. Peter’s Church has been cited as one of the finest structures ever erected by any comparable size parish throughout the nineteen counties of west central Wisconsin which now make up the Diocese of La Crosse. The cornerstone of the present-day church was laid in 1920 and the Church was open for worship on Palm Sunday of the following year. The brick and cut-stone building dominates the immediate countryside of Bohemian Valley and Dutch Creek, but it’s bell calls worshippers from as far away as 10 miles.

The church was given the name of St. Peter, dedicated to the Prince of the Apostles. For this reason, being on the ridge was formerly referred to as being on “St. Peter’s Ridge.” Now it is commonly called Middle Ridge because of it’s placement along the ridges between La Crosse and Cashton. St. Peter’s Church is the middle of the ridges, thus, Middle Ridge…”Jewel on the Hill”